• Who I Wanted You to Be2:54
  • Hopeless Romantic3:40
  • He's Just Not That into You3:07
  • Who'd Wanna Be a Woman Anyway3:43
  • Raining On the Inside3:24
  • You Heard the Music Too3:08
  • Never Goin' Back There Again3:01
  • Like It's a Bad Thing2:43
  • Today I Started Loving You Again2:21
  • Once Upon A Senior Year3:31
  • Texas Ain't Texas Without You4:06

Having proven that classic country is still alive and well through her past three singles to Texas/Red Dirt Radio, Julia Hatfield’s new album, “Hopeless Romantic” just goes to show that her previous releases were just the beginning.

Debuting her self- titled EP in August of 2015, her full length album includes songs Texas Country has come to know and love such as “Like It’s A Bad Thing” and “Who I Wanted You To Be” as well as her top 20 single and the title track of the album, “Hopeless Romantic”.

Julia continues to keep it country as she leads her audience outside of the box and into a world of fresh perspectives on classic tales, all while bringing new stories of her own to the table.

The album features a wide variety of content strung together with honest emotion. From her heart-catching lyrics in “Once Upon A Senior Year”, to her vivacious attitude in her new single, “He’s Just Not That Into You”, this album will make you want to listen all the way from beginning to end.

Featuring a special duet that is as classic as its title, “Texas Aint Texas Without You”, as well as a new twist on a timeless hit, “Today I Started Loving You Again”, “Hopeless Romantic” is the best of new classic country.